Icom IC-7200

The IC-7200 station

W0ZSW is online.  The Windom antenna is in place and the station is working great.  Users will note that this new antenna is a great performer, much quieter than the old one because the feedpoint is well away from any buildings with their noise sources.  80 – 6 m operation. 

WA0TDA is available. Contact me at my ARRL address to request access.  160 – 6 m operation. 

W0EQO is online. Thanks to Bill, N0CIC, for his help at the station location.  160 – 6 m operation. 

Check out the Blitzortung lightning map here. Thunderstorm season is spring through fall in Minnesota, but storms can happen even in cold winter weather!   Storms can pop up quickly, and when they do, the stations may be shut down in order to allow the antennas to be disconnected so as to avoid lightning damage.  There may be little or no warning, but the stations will return to service after the storms pass.  This is just an inconvenience we have to live with, especially during the late spring and summer. 

Remember:  WA0TDA, W0ZSW, and W0EQO all accept multiple users at the same time!  Please do not log off because someone else is already connected.  You will be able to hear both received at transmitted audio at all times.  You can take turns transmitting, assuming you are all okay with staying on the same frequency together.  The first station logged on is the one controlling transmit by default.  Use the “ASK” button to request transmit.  If you want to change the frequency, be sure to text and ask for permission to do so from the other users.  

W0EQO is located in northern Minnesota, near the headwaters of the Mississippi River.  W0ZSW & WA0TDA are located in the Minneapolis – St. Paul East Metro area.

You can browse the worldwide list of Remotehams-enabled stations that are online here. 

Check out the Blitzortung lightning map here.
Please remember that sometimes the stations may need to be shut down with minimal notice when thunderstorms are in the area of the antennas. This is done to prevent lightning damage to the equipment.

Don’t hear anything?  It may be HF propagation.

The IC-7200 station