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Month: October 2023

W0EQO -Windows Update

W0EQO router

Windows update has been completed on the W0EQO host PC.  A port forwarding issue has also been resolved, and the station has returned to service as of Friday, 27 October 2023.


Service Note: More ferrites added; grounding updated

In a recent stress test, the system shut down due to a higher than expected SWR at the higher frequency end of the 75 m phone band. Grounding was improved and more ferrite chokes were added to the leads connected to the radio.  A new stress test was performed at 100 watts and the radio did not power cycle.

The improvements included new bonding at the rig and accessories and a new 8 foot ground rod with completely new copper conductor to the station as well as a gas discharge surge suppressor.

In the accompanying photo, the new ground rod connection is visible along with the surge suppressor during the installation.  On the right is the basement window well, and in case you are wondering about the chicken wire on the window well, that’s to prevent critters from falling in and getting stuck down at the bottom.  I’ve rescued quite a few over the years!

Ground rod installed near basement window well, including copper lead into wall of house and gas discharge surge suppressor.

WA0TDA ground rod and surge suppressor.

If the rig recycles due to high SWR, an admin must be notified to restart the host software to get the station back in service for remote users.  Contact wa0tda@arrl.net.