IC-7300 radio & LDG tuner
The time has come! Prior to its move north, the station will be taken apart and all accessories and cabling will be labeled prior to packing it up. This is the strategy we used to get the Park Rapids station configured here on my workbench before sending it up north for installation by Bill, NØCIC.

The WØZSW station, with new callsign WØJH, will be moving to the Hayward, Wisconsin area, with the new QTH in a rural area.  It should be ideal for a low noise floor!

My son Will, KCØLJL, and I will begin the process by taking the station offline and packing up the IC-7300 and its accessories. Some labeling may be required to facilitate reassembly at the new remote QTH.

The Host PC will need to be prepared for the move as well. It has been running for several years continuously and will need to be opened up for a cleaning to assure that its cooling system is clear of dust. Other “housekeeping” will need doing as well – we will need to be sure that the OS and all necessary software is up to date. Old software that hasn’t been used will be removed. Remote admin software will be updated as necessary. This will allow the station admins to manage the user base and fix most problems involving the host computer.

If the club decides to rename the station to WØJH, that change can be made in the RCForb host software prior to the move. We will consider changing the ZSW callsign to WØJH this year as long as we are making so many other changes. This leaves the WØZSW callsign free for use by the HANDIHAM Radio Camp. The callsign is already managed by Matt, KAØPQW. The station will continue to be open to use by Handiham members no matter which callsign is used.

Once the PC is cleaned up and tested, it will also be packed for its trip up north. Cabling and accessories will be included and labeled as necessary to facilitate reassembly.

There is no date certain for the station’s return to service.  A new antenna will need to be installed.