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Month: February 2023

Antenna status notes: 14 February 2023

W0EQO station with IC-7300 and PC

W0ZSW is now using the 80 – 6 m off center fed (OCF) dipole.

WA0TDA is now using the 160 – 6 m inverted vee maypole.

W0EQO is now using the 300′ W0OXB Special dipole fed with 450 Ohm ladder line for 160 – 6 m operation.


  • The OCF dipole is not ideally positioned after damage early in the winter.  It does work, but expect signals to be reduced due to the fact that it is not high enough – and repairs cannot move forward in the winter.
  • The inverted vee maypole does not tune to a low SWR everywhere – some 160 m frequencies may not be ideal.
  • The OXB Special dipole does not tune on every frequency.  Check the SWR as you operate the antenna tuner.
  • Avoid overdriving the radios – the IC-7300 is prone to momentary shutdowns if overdriven.  This results in the radio losing the USB connection to the rig control computer, and you will lose control of the radio.  The station is then effectively off the air until a system admin intervenes to restart the host software.
  • Please report problems to wa0tda@arrl.net.


Remotes available for MN QSO Party

screenshot of RCForb software keypad

HF propagation has been great lately, and sunspot numbers are up.  The Minnesota QSO Party is this Saturday, and the remotes are avilable for you use, should you wish to participate via HF remote base operation.

Remember that the stations are located in these counties when you identify:

  • WA0TDA – Washington (WSH)
  • W0EQO – Hubbard (HUB)
  • W0ZSW – Washington (WSH)

25th Annual Minnesota QSO Party

Presented by the Minnesota Wireless Association

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Hours: 1400 UTC (8:00 AM CST) to 2400 UTC (6:00 PM CST)

More information:  https://www.w0aa.org/mn-qso-party/