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Month: April 2020

W0ZSW back online after updates, internet outage

W10 update screen

W0ZSW went offline Thursday, April 23, due to a Windows update.  That was followed by an overnight internet outage on Friday in which a downstream router was assigned a new IP address outside the range of port forwarding, causing the W0ZSW host PC to be unable to talk with the Remotehams.com system.  The problem was diagnosed and corrected on Saturday morning.

Return settings to normal before logging off

Mouse pad & mouse

Did you change anything but the VFO setting?  If so, please reset the controls you changed back to these “normal” settings so that the next user will not be confused: 

  • RF Gain 100%
  • Power output: 100 W
  • Squelch: Open
  • Split mode: Off
  • Comp: On
  • AGC: Slow
  • Transmit meter:  Either Power out or SWR
  • ATT (attenuator) Off  (This is sometimes mistaken for the antenna tuner.)

Thanks, and enjoy the remote!

73 – Pat