Operate an amateur radio station from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Month: February 2016

Up & Running!

Everything is “go” at the WA0TDA IC-7200 station. 160 through 6 m operation (except for 60 m). Remember that if the band sounds dead, it may actually be that the antenna is not tuned. Once the antenna is tuned, the band comes alive. Antenna tuning is available to user with transmit privileges only. Although anyone may adjust the receiver, I ask that you please tune withing the amateur radio bands. Tuning far outside the bands then disconnecting from the radio can leave the next user confused about why there is no audio.

Transmit privileges will be considered for USA licensees only (FCC rules). DX stations may transmit only if they also hold a USA license, General Class or above. All operation must conform to USA rules and frequencies.

Station software is found at: http://www.remotehams.com

The IC-7200Instructions for using the Remotehams RCFORB software are also there. The software is free for Windows users, and under $10 for Android users via the Play Store. Sorry, there is no iOS version.

Problem with TEST mode

A curious thing was happening when users entered the TEST mode in the RCFORB software. Pressing the TEST button switched the audio input to the IC-7200 from USB to MIC, which meant that remote users could then not modulate when transmitting in SSB mode. CW was not affected.

The solution was to remove the TEST button from the client interface in the security settings on the host software. Once that change was made, no instances of spontaneous switching from USB to MIC have occurred. The IC-7200