November 2, 3, 4 2018

For the 14th consecutive year, the Stillwater Amateur Radio Assn. (SARA) will be operating the Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald from Split Rock Lighthouse Special Event, using the club WØJH callsign.

You can easily work W0JH via remote HF stations W0EQO, W0ZSW, and WA0TDA.

November 10th of this year will be the 43rd anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald with the loss of her entire 29 man crew. We will be operating from the state park grounds of Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota (ARLHS USA-783; Grid Square EN47). The Fitz passed Split Rock Lighthouse on her final voyage.

We anticipate having 2 stations on the air operating SSB primarily ~3.860MHz, 7.260MHz, 14.260MHz, & 21.360MHz + or – depending upon band conditions. Once established, one of the stations will likely remain on 20m due to the expected activity. The second station will likely primarily spend most of the time on either 40m, or 75m, but may may show up on 15m, 17m, or even 10m, depending upon conditions and activity. We will have a 3rd station dedicated to digital operation, which will likely be working PSK.

Due to staffing and access times to our operating site, we anticipate being on the air from ~19:00-23:55 UTC on Nov. 2nd and ~15:00-23:55 UTC on Nov. 3rd & 4th.

Confirmations for valid contacts will be a certificate only, that will be sent via email as a pdf and will be sent to the email address from which your request was made.

Full QSL details can be found by looking up WØJH at qrz dot com or check our website at