Getting good results with OXB Special antenna

plastic cover over current balun

The current balun is covered with an old plastic food container.  The loop of coax keeps RF off of the coax lead going through the wall into the radio room.  The 450 ohm ladderline comes out of the top and drops down slightly before heading up to the antenna to form a “drip loop” to keep water from following it down to the balun when it rains. 

Since the antenna situation was upgraded here last Summer I have gotten a lot of good reports about my signal on the 75 meter band, which is where I do most of my operating. The antenna is an “OXB Special”, and Dave, W0OXB himself helped me with the assembly and installation. It’s a 200 foot dipole – actually a double extended zepp – fed with 450 ohm ladder line and a current balun. The balun is mounted outside the house near the foundation, and the ladderline snakes up through some bushes and a locust tree to the center insulator. The average height is pretty unimpressive, maybe 18 to 20 feet. However, on 75 m, this is really not a big deal. The kind of operation I do really requires a fairly high angle of radiation anyway.

This antenna tunes on every HF band covered by the rig – 160 through 6 meters.  I use an LDG AT-200PRO tuner. Internal antenna tuners built into radios often do not have the range to tune this kind of antenna.

This afternoon I checked into a net and the NCS wanted to contact me later on to find out more about the great antenna!

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