WA0TDA Remote Base HF Station

The WAwa0tda remote control screenshot0TDA HF Remote Base station is offline due to the lack of an IP address.

The station is an Icom IC-7200 running 100 watts to a 200 foot wire antenna, center fed with 450 ohm line and a current balun. The LDG AT-200 Pro antenna tuner allows operation on 160 through 6 meters.  The rig control software is the free W4MQ client by Stan Schretter, W4MQ.  The software is currently hosted at www.handiham.org/remotebase, where you can download the software and read about how to install and use it. The host software is also available for download – everything is free.  You don’t need the host software unless you are planning to operate your own remote base station.

Audio for this station is ported through Skype.

Other remote base stations allow access through Echolink for receive only.  Check out W0ZSW-L and W0EQO-L HF remotes, which are both Kenwood TS-480 stations.  Use your Echolink search function to find the stations in your station list.  Connecting to them is easy – and you can control the frequency via the text box in Echolink. The WA0TDA station does not have this feature at this time, but you are welcome to use the other remotes to receive via Echolink.

Transmit privileges on W0ZSW & W0EQO are available to Handiham members.  Both stations are equipped with speech frequency readout for blind users.  USA licensed amateurs whose living situation does not allow for antennas may be considered for operator privileges on WA0TDA.  Please email wa0tda@arrl.net.



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