The Handiham Program

Pat behind Handiham booth display at Dayton Hamvention.
Representing the Handihams at Dayton has always been fun.






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The Courage Kenny Handiham Program provides tools for people with disabilities to learn Amateur Radio and technology skills, and to earn their Amateur Radio licenses.

This sounds pretty simple and straightforward, but what is really happening behind the scenes is that people with disabilities who join our program are going to quickly learn about new technologies, including assistive technologies that will help them in other aspects of their lives, not just amateur radio.

By working through the process of earning an amateur radio license, Handiham members become familiar with setting goals and following a plan to achieve them. Handiham members also become part of a worldwide community of amateur radio operators.

This community is alive with opportunities for all sorts of life enhancing activities. One can make friends on the air, stay in touch with other Handiham members who might use similar assistive technology such as blind-friendly computing systems and radios, take part in competitions throughout the year thanks to the many awards and contests going on nearly all the time, and learn more about “STEM”, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

An important aspect of amateur radio has always been to offer assistance to one’s community and to one’s fellow amateur radio operators. The Handiham program emphasizes these values and encourages our members with disabilities to “give back” by participating in public service through their local amateur radio clubs and to volunteer to help others.

The mission of our parent organization, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, is “To empower people with disabilities to reach their full potential in every aspect of life.” The Handiham program takes its members through a process that builds confidence, achievement, planning, friendships, and volunteerism in service to others. While these values have always been a part of amateur radio, we realize that they transfer to all aspects of a successful and happy life.

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