Pat, WA0TDA, holds a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy) running a remote control program.

WA0TDA, holds a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy) running a remote control program. The remote software is Team Viewer, which is available free for personal (non-commercial) use.

I have received queries about W4MQ software possibly being made for iPhone/iPad and Android as well as for Mac OS. No plans for such applications are in the works, but you can still operate as I did in this photo, using a smartphone (Android in this case, since it is a Samsung Galaxy).

How is it done?

The answer is in the use of third-party desktop remoting software like LogMeIn or TeamViewer. It works like this:

Install the W4MQ client software on a Windows computer along with the remote desktop software of your choice. An excellent article on the process of remote station operation may be found in the August 2012 QST on page 39. It is entitled “Remote Radio Control Made Easy” by John Raydo, K0IZ.

While John is running his home station remotely, the W4MQ software allows you to operate any HF station to which you have been granted access, no matter if it is your station or someone else’s. You can install the W4MQ host software if you want to operate your own home station.

Once you have your computer set up with the W4MQ software and the software for controlling your computer remotely, you can install the smartphone version of the computer control software on the smartphone or portable device of your choice. Pair the devices to assure that you can now control your Windows computer from your portable device.

Now you are ready to open the connection to your Windows computer and use the W4MQ software to connect to the station of your choice.

But you are not done yet! Next you must set up Skype accounts for your Windows computer (only if you are hosting your own station) and for your smartphone. I use WA0TDA2 for my computer and WA0TDA for my smartphone. Be sure each has the other’s contact information shared in Skype. Then you can call the computer via Skype and hear the audio as well as use Skype to sent the transmit audio. If you are using someone else’s remote, all you need is one Skype account, since you will be calling the remote station’s Skype. (Contact details must be shared in advance at the time the station’s owner grants you access and adds you to the user list.)