Are the bands open?

The remote responds when you log on.  It’s not tuned to a station, so there is a hiss of background noise, perhaps the crackle of distant thunderstorm static.  

What do you do?  Tune around, of course!  You can either check a specific frequency by entering it using the NUMPAD – say, 10.0 MHz – to see if you can copy WWV time signals, or you can “spin” the virtual tuning knob to check out the band you are already tuned to.

But there is another useful resource for checking out various bands and frequencies easily:  The radio’s memories.  Locate the MEMORIES and bring up the list.  Clicking on each memory frequency will automatically allow you to change bands and modes along with the frequencies.  This assures that you will be listening on the correct sideband when you change bands.  

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