Mouse pad & mouseWhen operating the remote via the Windows RCForb software, you find that the station connects as expected and you hear sound.  This is good, because that means you have both rig control and VoIP for audio.

But what about when something unexpected happens?  For example, let’s say you are using the Android app on your smartphone and attempt to connect to a station.  The connection is made, but a warning appears stating that the VoIP server is not working.  The station is connected, so there is rig control but no audio.  You should disconnect and report the problem.

This can happen because of a problem on the station’s host computer, and it will not be noticed by users of the Windows app, only users of the Android app.  This is not to say that Windows users might not be affected at other times.  I have observed problems like this cropping up when Windows is setting itself up for updates.

If you experience this problem, please let the station admin know about it.  If it happens with this station, email and let me know what app you are using and what kind of behavior the station was exhibiting.

Thank you for your help!

73 – Pat