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Month: December 2020

USA License Required for Operation of USA-Based Remotes

Pat, WA0TDA, wearing headset and holding licensing manuals.

From time to time I get requests for station transmit privileges from operators outside the United States and its territories.  It doesn’t matter where the control operator is located,  but there is a USA requirement that the control operator must hold an FCC-issued Amateur Radio License with the appropriate privileges.

For more information on the requirements, please follow this link to the ARRL website, which does a great job of explaining it and answering your questions.


WARNING! Version 0.8 will stop working! Time to update your PC Client to the latest version

Version 0.9x screenshot showing radio controls

New RCForb software

Please update your PC client to RCForbClientSetup_v0.9.282.exe because support for version 0.8x, which uses Flash, is going away.  Windows will no longer support Flash and your old RCForb client software will quit working.

Find the download on the Remotehams.com website or use the link in this story.

Here is a link to the Remotehams Forum discussion of the new software.

Once you log in to the new software, please have your Remotehams.com username (your callsign) and password ready.  You will need to log in the first time you use the new version 0.9 software.  Once you login from the new software interface, you will not need to do so again.

W0ZSW & WA0TDA back online following maintenence

Both W0ZSW and WA0TDA are back online following Windows Update on both station host computers.  When updates are loading in the background, sometimes things don’t work properly; the antenna tuner might not function, the sound may not work correctly, and some other functions seem slow or don’t work at all.  Please let me know if this happens so that I can address the problem as soon as possible.

Short-term outages may also occur when the Eero mesh network used for internet routing at this location performs an automatic update.  These are unscheduled but seldom last more than a few minutes and the stations will generally be up and running without further intervention.

You may contact me at my callsign at ARRL.net if you notice any issues.

73 – Pat

RCForb software buttons image