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14 – 16 September 2021 Status – WA0TDA & W0ZSW online, W0EQO online


W0EQO Update:  Station W0EQO is now in Park Rapids.  It is operating at 60 watts due to a problem with RF in the shack.  Digital mode operation is NOT allowed as this is likely to trigger the RF problem and cause a loss of internet control.  SSB/CW should be okay.  We are considering ways to address the RF problem.  It is worst on 40 m, so no 40 meter operations are allowed at this time.

Both Twin Cities stations are subject to intermittent outages because of thunderstorm activity.  Antennas will be disconnected to protect the equipment. 

Software interface radio

    1. New RCForb software

Thunderstorm season has returned to Minnesota.  There will be sporadic outages at WA0TDA & W0ZSW as the antennas will be disconnected to prevent lightning damage to the stations.   You can check out the lightning map at: https://www.blitzortung.org/en/live_lightning_maps.php?map=30

Once the danger of lightning is past, the stations will be returned to service.  

Use the latest version 0.9x software or it will not work on Windows!  Download the new client software to use the remotes here.

Dear HF Operator:

Welcome to the HF Remotes!  This website has information on the following

W0EQO – Northern Minnesota in the tall pine forest near the headwaters of the Mississippi; Kenwood TS-480SAT radio equipped with speech readout feeding a 300 foot dipole antenna fed with 450 ohm ladder line and a current
balun.  160 through 6 meter operation. Grid square is EN27mc in Hubbard County, MN USA. Callsign admin is WA0TDA.  Station hardware admins are N0CIC & WA0TDA.

W0ZSW – Metro Minnesota Twin Cities location at WA0TDA QTH; Icom IC-7300 radio feeding an off-center fed dipole antenna.  80 through 6 meter operation.  Grid square is EN34mw in Washington County, MN USA. Callsign admin is KA0PQW.  Station hardware admin is WA0TDA.

WA0TDA – Metro Minnesota Twin Cities location at WA0TDA QTH; Icom IC-7200 radio feeding an inverted vee maypole antenna system fed with underground coax. 160 through 6 meter operation. Grid square is EN34mw in Washington County, MN USA. Callsign & hardware admin is WA0TDA.

All of the above stations can run up to 100 watts and all are SSB and CW capable. All are subject to occasional maintenance outages or weather outages.

Please contact wa0tda@arrl.net to report a problem with any of them.

The quick start guide is for anyone who wants to install and use the RCFORB HF remote base client software from Remotehams.com with a minimum of time and effort. That would be most of us! A quick start guide shouldn’t be
wordy, so let’s just use some simple steps to get you up and running.

IMPORTANT:  Register with Remotehams.com using YOUR CALLSIGN as the username, or this will not work!

Get the WA0TDA RCFORB Quick Start Guide in PDF:
Note:  Always choose the newest version 0.9 version of the client software, NOT the version 0.8 as is recommended in the guide or video.  The old 0.8 version will be deprecated due to the removal of Adobe Flash support in Windows.

Screenshot of download page

Choose ONLY 0.9 software!

I have made two YouTube videos on the use of the RCForb software.  This one
is for the free Windows version:

Note:  Always choose the newest version 0.9 version of the client software, NOT the version 0.8 as is recommended in the video.  The old 0.8 version will be deprecated due to the removal of Adobe Flash support in Windows.

This one is for the Android version, which you can buy from the Play Store for under $10:

If you are a blind user, be sure to check out the K8HSY guide:

The Handiham Radio Club also has a useful website:

Good luck and have fun with the radios!


Patrick Tice

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Handiham Remote Base HF Stations

Preview YouTube video Ham radio with your smartphone! RCForb Android App Explained

Software radio interface now includes POWER button on W0ZSW

The POWER button on version 0.9x of RCForb software

The POWER button has been activated on the W0ZSW station interface in version 0.9x of the RCForb software. Please turn the IC-7300 power off when you are finished using the station.

The W0ZSW radio, an Icom IC-7300, supports power on/off while maintaining handshaking with the host PC, so we have added the optional POWER button to the client software interface.  Please use the POWER button to turn the radio on when you begin a session and off when you are finished.

WA0TDA recovered from Sunday morning outage


Mini PC: Host computer for WA0TDA HF remote

The WA0TDA IC-7200 is back online following a multihour outage caused by Windows Update.   The update began in the background on the host PC, at first leaving the station accessible at login, but unresponsive to control.  I have seen this in the past and knew that the station would no longer work correctly without manually completing the pending update.  This is simple – just approve the update by selecting “update & restart” from the power button, then manually restarting the RCForb host software.

This was completed, and at first seemed to be okay, but after a few minutes of operation, the station lost connectivity due to ports closing on the network.  Killing and restarting the RCForb software fixed that, but all told the station was offline longer than expected.

Everything was working as of 10:00 AM CST.


USA License Required for Operation of USA-Based Remotes

Pat, WA0TDA, wearing headset and holding licensing manuals.

From time to time I get requests for station transmit privileges from operators outside the United States and its territories.  It doesn’t matter where the control operator is located,  but there is a USA requirement that the control operator must hold an FCC-issued Amateur Radio License with the appropriate privileges.

For more information on the requirements, please follow this link to the ARRL website, which does a great job of explaining it and answering your questions.


W0ZSW & WA0TDA back online following maintenence

Both W0ZSW and WA0TDA are back online following Windows Update on both station host computers.  When updates are loading in the background, sometimes things don’t work properly; the antenna tuner might not function, the sound may not work correctly, and some other functions seem slow or don’t work at all.  Please let me know if this happens so that I can address the problem as soon as possible.

Short-term outages may also occur when the Eero mesh network used for internet routing at this location performs an automatic update.  These are unscheduled but seldom last more than a few minutes and the stations will generally be up and running without further intervention.

You may contact me at my callsign at ARRL.net if you notice any issues.

73 – Pat

RCForb software buttons image

W0ZSW offline due to radio encoder failure

The VFO encoder on the W0ZSW IC-7200 has failed.  Although the VFO can of course be controlled by the remote software, unfortunately this is NOT the case with the audio input mode, which depends on the VFO encoder to “choose” the necessary USB input instead of MIC.  When the radio gets stuck in MIC mode, no audio can be transmitted.  Thus, except for CW operation, the radio is only useful as a receiver.

The only options at this point are to use the station as a CW only one or to go off the air until a replacement is found or a repair can be made.

At this time the station is off the air.


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