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Hot enough for ya?

Pat with snow shovel and wearing snowsuit.

Okay, since it's almost the Independence Day "hottest-time-of-the-year", I dug up this winter photo to help us all remember that Minnesota saying that is oh, so true:

"It could be worse."

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Winter at Camp Courage Lakeside

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Jasper chews a plastic chop while lying on the carpet in a sunbeam.

Jasper works on a chew toy while the winter drags on outdoors. As we say in Minnesota, "Could be worse."

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Jasper expresses his opinion on winter in Minnesota

Jasper says, "Yuck, I hate winter." (Curls tongue.)

"Hey, Jasper - What do you think of this lovely Minnesota winter?"

"YUCK!" "The snow depth has exceeded my ground clearance since December. C'mon, Spring!"

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Happy Face in Seasons Park

Happy face in snow, made by kids walking in snow.

This happy face spontaneously appeared in Seasons Park, Woodbury, MN. It's a day brightener after a long winter.

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