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Dish Drain

dish drain with vegetables, mug, water bottle

Who knew the dish drain could be so artsy?

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New watercourse

Rock-lined watercourse

This is a water control project in Woodbury, MN. Runoff flowing from Seasons Park makes its way to Wilmes Lake without erosion or flooding, thanks to the new construction.

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Jasper chews a plastic chop while lying on the carpet in a sunbeam.

Jasper works on a chew toy while the winter drags on outdoors. As we say in Minnesota, "Could be worse."

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Jasper expresses his opinion on winter in Minnesota

Jasper says, "Yuck, I hate winter." (Curls tongue.)

"Hey, Jasper - What do you think of this lovely Minnesota winter?"

"YUCK!" "The snow depth has exceeded my ground clearance since December. C'mon, Spring!"

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Summer is better than winter

Pat leans on a post in the Japanese Garden.

Winter is too long, especially this year. I like summer, so I'm posting this photo of me at the Japanese Garden, U of M Landscape Arboretum, which was taken in the... SUMMER!

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Jasper on the Field

Jasper at the softball field

Jasper poses on the softball field, Seasons Park, in Woodbury, MN. The pattern made by the groundskeeper adds to the interest.

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Visit to HRO San Francisco

Pat at the controls of a really high-end Icom transceiver.

Here I am at HRO during a Radio Camp week several years ago in Cupertino, California. The HRO (Ham Radio Outlet) store was a must-do destination. Here I'm sitting at the controls of a radio that costs as much as some cars. I'm an Icom fan, but I'll have to settle for my more modest IC-7200 and IC-706M2G radios.

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Happy Face in Seasons Park

Happy face in snow, made by kids walking in snow.

This happy face spontaneously appeared in Seasons Park, Woodbury, MN. It's a day brightener after a long winter.

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Camp Courage in the summer

View of Cedar Lake at Camp Courage - sunset

Camp Courage is the site of Handiham Radio Camp. This is a photo of Cedar Lake, where we take ham radio out on the pontoon boat for an afternoon of fun!


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